Philosophical Foundations

Fleur Yumol Consulting Services provides services in two very unique yet related fields, Organizational Consulting and Clinical Counselling Services.

Clinical Counselling Services are provided on an individual, couple, and family basis to address concerns regarding addictions; mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety; relationship difficulties as well as grief and loss issues. The counselling philosophy is based on a client centered approach that looks to creating balance and integration within the person.

Organizational Consulting is working with organizations from their most valuable asset, their people. The primary goal is to understand the values, strengths and motivations of the people of an organization so that there is a strong congruence between the needs of the organization and the people who can provide the energy to meet those needs.

The fundamental values that lay the foundation for both areas of focus is a desire to support people in understanding their value and reaching their full potential on the path that they find both motivating and rewarding. Through awareness and integration we can find strength, truth and courage to achieve anything we set our minds to. The practice that lays the foundation to both organizational consulting and clinical counselling is the focus on the whole, by allowing each of the parts to have space and power.

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