Organizational Consulting

Fundamentally I believe that people are at the heart of an organization and as such it is critical to understand who they are, what they believe and how to best capitalize on their strengths in order to maximize their potential within the organization. People are highly complex and it is difficult to apply a broad brush stroke and hope to cover all the nuances of their personality, perspective and motivations. I believe that an external and neutral perspective will capture such nuances and provide the organization with a vantage point that allows for creative and innovative solutions. I see the organization as an intricate system connected by the vision, goal, culture and strategy of those leading the organization. What I hope to provide is an opportunity to align those collective priorities with the priorities of those who are working towards realizing that vision.

Organizational Profiling

Assessing the organization by determining where the organization is, where it was and where it wants to go. We do this by gaining understanding of the collective via understanding the individuals who make up the collective. It is critical for the organization to know what their employees believe to be the goals of the organization and what their particular role is within that vision so that they can apply themselves to their best potential. Additionally, we can identify areas of the organization where the potential is not being met or if there is a lack of congruence between people and the collective vision.

Services Provided

Workshops in areas such as:
  • Stress Management
  • Change and Transition
  • Anger Management
  • Assertive Communication
Team Building Through:
  • Personality Inventories
  • Conflict resolution and Mediation
  • Awareness and Appreciation of Differences
  • Knowledge Management

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Other Services: